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Wilderness TV is making available to independent producers an unprecedented opportunity to reach a significant domestic and international audience of wilderness enthusiasts using the latest technologies available. Wilderness TV is a ''smart TV'' network that streams 24/7 and on-demand on all majors streaming platforms. Wilderness TV allows your show to reach this huge audience without the technical burden that each platform requires and with in-built marketing that helps your Show's audience grow exponentially.   Also, now anyone, anywhere who wants to see your Show on any type of TV has the opportunity to do so.

Best of all, you get great coverage on Wilderness TV at an unbeatable price compared to traditional broadcast time purchase.

Exposure for your Show to a Whole New Worldwide Audience
Distribution Network:
Offer & Costs
208 total airings


from $9500

A small price to pay for 14 airings per week and on-demand coverage. You own all the commercial time and we handle all the bandwith usage.  It's the best deal on outdoor television.

same terms


price lock guarantee


Wilderness TV values and appreciates loyalty.  When you renew for 2021 and 2022 in 2020 you'll be guaranteed the same terms and prices upon contract renewal.



Booking@TVGoneWild.Com for more details and to place your booking.


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