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Wilderness TV

Our Philosophy
“Wilderness must be celebrated to be preserved


In today's advanced technological age, we at Wilderness TV believe that the greatest thrills in life comes from the wide open spaces that have always been there. We use the latest technology, ''SMART TV'' to celebrate what some might say is it's very opposite -- Wilderness. Wilderness TV is a television network dedicated and devoted to three large categories of outdoor loving viewers; Nature Enthusiasts, Outdoor Survivalists, and Hunters and Fishermen.

Within those categories subcategories are numerous and include camping, hiking, orienteering, speulunking and much more.


At Wilderness TV we want to do three things;  1. Turn more and more people on to the amazing resource that the Wilderness provides us,  2. Support and encourage our three core categories of viewers,  3.  Celebrate the Wilderness in order to help Preserve it for future generations to come. 


Watch Wilderness TV and you'll see... Life is Wilder Here!


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Student of the Gun
Alone in the Wilderness
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