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Viewer FAQ

How can I view Wilderness TV?

You can view Wilderness TV on your television using services like Roku, Google TV, Chromecast and Apple TV. You can view us on your tablet, computer, laptop, smartphone, Ipad via FilmOn.TV


Does My local cable system carry Wilderness?

No.  Wilderness TV is available only via SMART TV -- the future of television. Time Warner and Dish Network make Roku available to their subscribers in many markets at reduced cost.

Which SMART TV partner is best  to get?

Unless you are a huge Apple lover, we suggest using Roku for your TV and FilmOn.TV for all your portable devices.


Will my internet and TV support SMART TV?

If you have high-speed internet which nowadays means just about anything other then dial-up you should have no trouble receiving SMART TV including WIlderness TV. Roku boxes will work with any TV. If your TV is real old -- such as before remote controls were invented -- you may need additional accessories but it will still work!


How can I get my favorite show on Wilderness?

Check out the ''Book Your Show'' link below.  Getting a wilderness related show on TV has never been easier.


I am a huge fan of one of your shows, how can I contact the producers and host?

Please use the contact form above, on this page, and our Viewer Relations Team will forward the e-mail to the appropriate individual(s). You can also see if a particular show has it's own web site or Facebook page and let them know you love them directly!


What countries is WIlderness TV distributed in?

Wilderness TV is a television channel designed to celebrate the North American Wilderness and specifically that of the United States and Canada.  Our programming is available for wilderness enthusiasts worldwide, with no country restrictions.


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