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Discover and Explore Wilderness Channel On-Demand

Now Available Online


Now, in conjunction with FilmOn.TV, you can watch selected episodes of your favorite series, documentaries and other specials direcly on your computer or tablet right here on


If you are watching on a smartphone including Iphone, you may want to install the FilmOn.TV app, available on their web site, for optimal viewing.


Remember, you can access all live streaming programming on-demand and countless hours more, on your television,  with Wilderness Channel on Roku. 

Channel Surfing 

How to Change Between Videos in Channel Surf Mode


Wilderness Channel On-Demand is meant to allow you to surf through highlighted programming from Wilderness Channel and watch, on your computer or tablet, at your leisure.  Fast forward, rewind, pause features are all enabled as well as FULL SCREEN viewing, by clicking on the ''Expand''           button on screen.

You can also share videos with friends using the ''Share''       button.


Use the ''Next'' and ''Back'' buttons to channel surf between on-demand videos. One click and the next video begins to play. 


If you want to search for a particular title go to FilmOn.TV, our online programming partner. will shortly launch individual pages for ongoing series allowing you to access all available on-demand episodes, right here.  Check back soon.


Commercial Skip


Viewers in the United States and certain other countries will notice a commercial plays before the start of each video.  You can stop a commercial from playing after the first several seconds have played by choosing the ''Skip Commercial'' link shown on the lower portion of the TV screen.  If you'd like to not see commercials at all, we suggest using a VPN service that masks your computers IP and reassigns it to a foreign country. This will allow you to flip through videos with instant start of programming and is all a great idea for privacy lovers to use in general while net surfing. You can also opt for a FilmOn.TV HD account which for a low fee will provide you commercial-free HD quality reception of all of our content as well as that of numerous other great television networks.

Check out Ongoing Series

Available Exclusively on Wilderness Channel


Ongoing series including from the popular '"Daily Hunt'' programming block will be available on-demand on shortly.   Each series will have it's own dedicated page and subscribe button in order for you to receive notification of new episodes.


In the meantime, check out our new series previews.

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